Your Donations

Enriching lives with positive contributions to our community and environment is something that we at Metro place great importance on. It is one of the five principles of our mission statement.

We would like to help build stronger local communities and make an effort to minimise our environmental footprint, to create a great workplace, to promote diversity and to be responsive to needy children in Asia.

Working with communities for sustained development, Singapore International Foundation (SIF) has been our core partner since the inception of ‘Metro for Children’ in 2001.

In SIF, Metro has found a like-minded partner who shares our commitment towards the betterment of lives in developing communities around Asia. Our fundraising initiative has over the years allowed skilled Singaporean volunteers overseas to share knowledge, skills and resources to help improve and create positive impact on the well-being of communities and children in need.

Together, we identify areas for improvement and implement changes that aim to result in tangible progress in the long run.