Contest Winners
Metro Pinterest Contest Winner
01 May 2012 - 31 Dec 2012

Here is the winners for the Metro 55th Big Bash Pin & Win - Pinterest contest. Congratulations to our winner!  Thank you all who repinned, shared and liked our Pin on Pinterest. 


1st Week Winner

Elaine Chang (

Congratulations on winning  FitFlop™ FLEUR™



2nd Week Winner

Bong Chew Jen (

Congratulations on winning a Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau So Fresh




3rd Week Winner

Congratulations to Poh Ching Chan (

Congratulations on winning a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife




4th Week Winner

Pearly Shawn (

Congratulations on winning a Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Eau De Parfum (100ml)




5th Week Winner

Khek Woi Chew (

Congratulations on winning a Lego Star Wars



6th Week Winner

Guo Xiaoling (

Congratulations on winning a POLO BIG PONY #1 Cologne for Men by Ralph Lauren




7th Week Winner

Kaleen Teo (

Congratulations on winning a Bonia Handbag



8th Week Winner

Meng Chee Mark (

Congratulations on winning a Madison & Co Collection



9th Week Winner

Tan Keith (

Congratulations on winning a Fitflop Girls Sandals



10th Week Winner 

Sivakami Nadrajan (

Congratulations on winning a Hello Kitty Angel's Wings Bedspread


Metro Big Sale Contest Winners
17 Sep 2012 - 17 Sep 2012

Thank you to all who participated by uploading your photos and telling us about your kinds of moods - we truly enjoyed all entries!

Here are the results! Congratulations to all winners!


First Prize: Yap Kim Hui
Panasonic Lumix DMC Camera + $300 Metro Gift Card



Second Prize: Ng Ya Leng
Panasonic Lumix DMC Camera + $200 Metro Gift Card



Third Prize: Alan Lim
Panasonic Lumix DMC Camera + $100 Metro Gift Card


Lucky Voter: Grace Chan Yi Ling

Tweet & Win Contest Winners!
31 Dec 2012 - 12 Jun 2012

Congratulations to our Tweet & Win Winners on winning $50 Metro Gift Voucher.


Week 3 Winners 

Twitter Nick Name
della_cool Tan Shi Ying
Nazeem Muhammad Nazeem
JerryLaLabeyond Tan Bing Yang
gongbooboo Yu Juehui


Week 2 Winners 

Twitter Nick Name
Tingyue Han Tingyue
Stephzhen Chen Meizhen
Jacky_How How Say Kok
crayon_shinchai Lam Li Ting Yvonne
hip_cup Chan Yew Choh


Week 1 Winners 

Twitter Nick Name
Eileenlamlam Lam Ngiuk Chin
Felineyo Yeo Hui Zhen Feline
Pammiesg Pamela Ong
TMKStephen Tan Ming Kwang Stephen
zendenz Lee Jian Ming
Share & Win Contest Winners
05 Jun 2012 - 31 Dec 2012

Congratulations to our Share & Win Weekly Winners on winning 4 Golden Village Movie Vouchers!


Week 3 Winners 


Name  Winning Number
Lee Siew Lin 205265
Quek Song Chua 490054
Christina Tan 153626
khoo hong jin eddy jethro 187266
Neo Chin Ming 156055
Pek Fong Lee 123361
Seow Che 255945
Ong Bong Hock 437587
Lam Ngiuk Chin 747729
Tan Sok Cheng 962398


Week 2 Winners 

Name  Winning Number
Kelvin Lim 385755
Christine Sim 263328
Hsiao Ring 990292
Jess Koh 117996
Khee Chen Yu 226226
Chung Chi 185782
Jacky How 102469
Sherlyn Chan 253653
Siew Gek 167930
Angie Wong 975048


Week 1 Winners 

Name  Winning Number
Jessie Sng 629135
Bong Diana 783091
Alexial Fang 228911
Elaine Chang 236475
Zheng Wei Lai 266324
Caryn Chong 184049
Serena Kh 148889
Tan Tiam Eng 237296
Susan Wang 633221
Christine Co-Rodrigue      233418


Metro Masquerade Contest
04 Jun 2012 - 31 Dec 2012

Congratulations to our winners! Your mask has made Metro dazzle for her 55th birthday.




Winner: Ng Fatt Choy

Congratulations on winning a $550 Metro Gift Card!




Winner: Joyce Deng

Congratulations on winning a $550 Metro Gift Card!




Winner: Cincin Chong


Congratulations on winning a $155 Metro Gift Card!