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Dr.Hauschka Inner Glow Limited Edition Lipsticks

Using light, reflective, transparent colours, specially formulated to also give a perfect texture for your lips, Dr.Hauschka offers five red/rose shades from rose crystal and pink topaz to red quartz. The soft, smooth texture and moisturising formulations of these sensual, tinted lipsticks release your inner glow so that it shines out glamorously.

Get these 5 limited edition Dr.Hauschka Inner Glow lipsticks at Metro Paragon before it is too late! 

Lipstick 13 Red Quartz - intense hue of red, radiates pure femininity
Lipstick 14 Beige Opal - gives the lips a subtle shimmer of salmon
Lipstick 15 Violet Marble - flatters the lips with a sensual berry tone
Lipstick 16 Pink Topaz - a glossy, delicate shade of fuchsia for a truly dazzling impression
Lipstick 17 Rose Crystal - lets the lips shine softly with the warm glow of rosewood