Ceramides From Rice 90s Metro Department Store
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Ceramides From Rice 90s


Ceramides From Rice 90s


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Fast acting Anti-Wrinkle, fine lines and sun-damaged spots removal. RESTORE YOUR SKIN, NATURALLY : Rice cell Ceramides are the original complexion perfecters. Japanese and French studies concluded that face and body ceramides creams and lotions contribute to maintaining moisturized skin, but they tend to diminish in effectiveness with age. Rice cell Ceramides, help to re-establish the vital moisture from inside your body to increase water passage to the surface of your skin just like what happened when you were young. As you grow older your skin dries up because not enough water is getting to your skin - face and body. So you look older. When you have more water going to your face and body skin, which is what Ceramides do, you get tight young skin. As if you have had a face lift through surgery. Simple. TARGET THE CELLULAR LEVEL: Topical anti-aging treatments creams only penetrate the superficial levels of the skin. Rice Cell Ceramide capsules can more effectively assist in hydration by working from the inside out. Again note that these are not cheap PhytoCeramides made from mashed plants like Aloe Vera etc. This product is also highly acclaimed for its unmatched fast acting results due to the rice-cell derived Ceramides which effortlessly restore the suppleness and radiance of skin in a remarkably short period of time. In just under one month of usage you will be able to notice very visible improvement on the complexion of your skin.