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Organic Chia Seeds


Organic Chia Seeds

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SIZES - 1100g

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80% of global chia seeds supply comes from South America. It grown well in these hot and sometimes arid, regions because the chia plant is extremely hardy and adaptable to climate change. These mighty, gluten-free seeds are grown organically, clean , raw and full of functional essential fatty acids,omega-3,antioxidants,vitamins,minerals,fiber and protein.In the ancient empires of Aztec and Mayan, the people revered chia seeds as food of god, providing vital nourishment. It is a good source of complex protein and curative substances. It is widely used to cope with stress, depression, and anaemia. It helps support intestinal functions, builds muscle mass ,improves immunity and can serve as part of a slimming diet. It can be enjoyed with almost anything, whether your yogurt, oatmeal, baked goods or smoothies. Feel free to experiment.
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