ASD 30cm Hard Anodised Induction Stirfry Pan With Steamer Metro Department Store
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ASD 30cm Hard Anodised Induction Stirfry Pan With Steamer


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Features :-
- Premium, Strength-Reinforced Hard Anodised Body: Made of Heavy Duty Alloy, Tough & Durable for many years of use. Suitable for Metal Utensils Usage.
- Sleek & Modern Appeal: Blends into the Modern Kitchen Seamlessly.
- Class Cover with Steam Vent: Cook & Observe EasilyPhenolic "Stay-Cool" Handle: Handing Convenience
- Tougher than Stainless Steel
- Never Rust
- Can use Metal Utensils
- Induction Base: Suitable for all Stoves
1. WASH - Wash the Wok with dishwashing liquid.
2. WATER - Fill up 3/4 with water, and heat up the water until it boils. Pour the water away, and wipe dry the Wok.
3. OIL - Pour some oil into Wok. Heat up the oil slightly, and using a sponge, apply the oil to every portion of the Wok. Leave it overnight.
4. USE - Wash away the oil the next day, and it is READY for USE!!!

For best result, use low or medium heat when cooking. As wok heats up very fast, high heat can cause food to scorch or burn, and might discolor the pan.