ASD Hybrid 3-ply 36cm IH Hex-Wok (HP36HHW) Metro Department Store
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ASD Hybrid 3-ply 36cm IH Hex-Wok (HP36HHW)


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- Premium Top Range ""Ultimate"" 3-layer Ceramic Reinforced Swiss Quality Coating System From Ilag
- Laser Cut Embossed ""Hex"" Groove Interior: Improved Version Which Allows Optimal Flow of Oli
- Extreme Scratch Resistant With Embossed Hex Stainless Steel: Metal Utensils Safe, Suitable for All Types of Food.
- High Quality Substrates, 7-ply Integrated System: Remarkable Heat Distribution & Retention Across the Entire Wok.
- Full Body 3-ply #304 Stainless Steel: Exceptional Heat Transmission
- Self-standing Glass Cover: Enable Monitoring While Cooking. Self-standing Feature Is Hygienic & Space Saving.
- ""Uni-con"" Innovative Oil Control Feature: Determine Precisely the Amount of Oil Used for Various Foods.
- Compatible With All Heat Sources: Induction, Gas, Electric, Ceramic & Halogen Etc