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Tornado Elite Die Cast Premium Induction Chef Wok


Tornado Elite Die Cast Premium Induction Chef Wok

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SIZES - 32

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- Premium Material : Die Cast Body that undergone the Hard Anodised Process, coupled with Cast Steel Cover & Handles, Full Stainless Steel Rivets.

Tornado Base Technology : Remarkable Heat Transmission , Significantly better than most cookware. Heat Transmission for most brands' of Induction Cookware is only limited to the flat base of the wok, whereas ASD Tornado woks transmit heat rapidly to the entire wok e.g. Boils faster.

Heat Retention Capability : Significant Heat Energy is "captured" inside the wok even when the fire has been switched off, keeping the food warm much longer.

Usable on All Stoves : Induction Premium

ILAG Druip Resist (Ultimate) Coating: Outstanding Durablility, Surpass 400,000 mark point of the Standard Abrasion Test (most premium brands reaches 200,000 mark points)
Before first use, soap and rinse the cookware with water. Precondition it by spreading some cooking oil onto the surface with a cloth. Heat the cookware over the stove for about 30 seconds. Rinse & dry.

1. This cookware distributes heat extremely well. Hence, cook using moderate heat & never overheat it, especially when empty. Overheating can cause damage to your cookware.

2. Always use the appropriate size of burner to match your cookware’s size. If cooking on gas, adjust flame such that it does not extend up the sides of the Pan, or reach the handles.

3. To prolong the lifespan, using wooden or non-stick nylon utensils is recommended. Never cut food or use sharp utensils inside the cookware.

4. Allow the cookware to cool down after use. Avoid sudden changes in temperature such as running water onto the hot cookware.

5. Never use a metal pad or scouring powder. The cookware is dishwasher safe. Hand wash using soap water & cloth is recommended. This will prolong the lifespan.