Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum 50ml


Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum 50ml

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VOLUME - 50ml

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Live More, Time is on your side NEW Blue Therapy Accelerated (Serum) now infused with the highly regenerative Algae of Youth – Alaria Esculenta Extract to accelerate your skin’s self-repair. A Double Anti-Aging action , which prevents the accumulation of damaged and aged proteins while simultaneously boosting cellular metabolism by 42%. In just 1 week, skin becomes luminous, firmer and pores are refined. Wrinkles and Dark spots are lessened in 4-8 weeks.
ALGAE OF YOUTH (Alaria Esculenta)GOLDEN MACRO-ALGAE (L. ochroleuca)BLUE MICRO-ALGAE (A. flos-aquae)Life Plankton™