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T-Pur Anti Oil  Shine Moisturiser  50ml


T-Pur Anti Oil & Shine Moisturiser 50ml

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VOLUME - 50ml

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Thanks to the breakthrough purlicium complex, T-PUR anti-oil & shine delivers the most radical clean skin effect for a perfectly mattified skin during 8H, whatever the conditions. In just 4 weeks the skin appears less sweaty, purified and healthier. The most efficient anti-oil & shine product: > 8h clean mattified skin even in extreme conditions > 24h moisturizer > Sweat repellant > Clean skin effect > Anti-pollution > Oil-free formula & lightweight texture
Airlicium absorption complex: the lightest ingredient in the galaxy of skincare molecules and a new ally for treating imperfection-prone adult skin is a technological jewel. Made of 99% air and 1% of absorbent silica, this high-tech ingredient is able to absorb a very high amount of sebum into its mesh-like network structure. PURLICIUM COMPLEX: For the 1st time, the association of AIRLICIUM™ and mineral perlite. Made of 99% air and 1% absorbent silica, Airlicium™ is the lightest material on earth discovered through space research. Its airy composition provides 4 times more sebum absorption than classical fillers. Associated to mineral perlite, able to absorb 3.5 times its own weight in water, they make a ultra absorbing complex. LIFE PLANKTON™:A strengthening, soothing micro-organism originally hails from the mineral-rich thermal springs of the French Pyrenees mountains. LAMINARIA DIGITATA ALGAE:A sea algae extract that regulates sebum production and helps counteract the development of imperfections with a targeted anti-bacterial action.