T-Pur Oil  Shine Cleanser 125ml


T-Pur Oil & Shine Cleanser 125ml

VOLUME - 125ml

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Humidity, hot conditions, heat strokes, a sudden fright or simply oily skin…shiny skin is a universal concern for men FIGHT SKIN SHINE : CONTROL SEBUM, MASTER SWEAT FOR A NO-COMPROMISE RESULT THAT LASTS ALL DAY LONG. This purifying cleanser neutralizes impurities : enriched with anti-bacterial sea algae extract + zinc to regulate sebum and with absorbing mineral perlite to master humidity excess.
ANTI-OIL : LAMINARIA DIGITATA sea algae extract and zinc boast a sebo-regulatory action to limit the intrinsic production of sebum and helps counteract the development of imperfections with a targeted anti-bacterial action. ANTI- WET : MINERALE PERLITE, a porous volcanic rock, absorbs humidity. Perlite boasts an incredible ability to help absorb humidity at skin surface for a mattifying action to reduce skin shininess. After undergoing an intense heating, expanding and crushing process to obtain a very fine, ultra-absorbent powder, Perlite is able to absorb 3.7 time ** its own weight in water. Its capacity for absorption is 5 times. ** greater than that of common talc. ** instrumental tests.