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Blackmores Blue Light Defence 60s


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Blue light is everywhere in today’s digital world. It is unavoidable as we spend too much time multitasking on our multiple screens each day. Blackmores Blue Light Defence 60s provides the nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin which protects your eyes from the damaging blue light and supports optimal eye function.

- Helps filter blue light and reduce light-induced damage to the eyesight.
- Protects your eyes against free radical damage in the eye
- Promotes healthy eye function, clearer eyesight with reduced blurry vision caused by blue light
- Peak working and even gaming performance by ease symptom of eyestrain and fatigue
- Support eye health as we age

Who Should Use It?
- If you are an office worker who uses digital devices all day long
- If you are a gamer who wants to take your game to the next level
- If you love to watch movie or use smartphone for a long period of time
- If you want to have a good eye health
- If you want to improve the sharpness of vision
- Elderly who wants to delay progression of age-related eye problems

Does not contains artificial flavours or sweeteners