Corningware 5L Covered Casserole + FOC: World Kitchen High Heat Cooker (worth $79) WK-HHC/A-5-SPC Metro Department Store
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Corningware 5L Covered Casserole  FOC World Kitchen High Heat Cooker worth 79 WK-HHCA-5-SPC


Corningware 5L Covered Casserole + FOC: World Kitchen High Heat Cooker (worth $79) WK-HHC/A-5-SPC

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Cooking for a house full of guests has never been such a breeze, thanks to CORNINGWARE®.

Now you can prep tastier, healthier meals ahead of your party with CORNINGWARE and store them the freezer. For the myriad demands of Asian cooking, CORNINGWARE is a uniquely versatile kitchenware that can go from the refrigerator, to the stove or microwave, and to the dining table without any hassle. Its temperature resistant Pyroceram material is also dishwasher friendly and does not retain odors or strains. Easy to clean, its designs remain beautiful and vibrant even after years of extensive use. This ideal casserole retains heat better than metal, allowing for lower heat consumption.

Over the years, CORNINGWARE has evolved to meet the tastes and preferences of modern consumers who place a premium on colour and design through the introduction of numerous shapes and patterns. CORNINGWARE designs now come with matching CORELLE® dinnerware. Be it a dining affair for a family of four or a romantic experience for two, this new combination of serveware and cookware will stay durable for years to come. All CORNINGWARE cookware base comes with a 10-year warranty against thermal breakages and the PYREX glass cover comes with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase against thermal breakages. For warranties to apply, Use and Care instructions must be followed and product must be returned. Accidental breakage from imapct is not covered by warranty.

Whatever you or your loved ones crave for, preparing it is easy with our World Kitchen High Heat Cooker. Multi-cooking menu with water, stir-fry, soup, BBQ and hot pot options. It can be easily used with all cookware, including stainless steel, glass ceramic and clay pot. With the multi-cooking menu and its compatibility with various cookware, you can prepare different dishes on this cooker easily.