Cream Skin Refiner 150ml Metro Department Store
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Cream Skin Refiner 150ml


Cream Skin Refiner 150ml


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Miraculous skin fortifier, deep hydration repairs and strengthens skin barrier

-Key Point 1
Melting a whole bottle of cream into a toner
With Cream Blending Technology™ exclusive of Laneige,
a jar of cream is dissolved in skin toner, filling the skin with
moisture right from the first step.

-Key Point 2
White Leaf Tea Water Fortifies Skin Barriers
White Tea Leaf Water, rich in amino acid, strengthens the skin barrier.

-Key Point 3
Single Drop Extraction Technology
White Tea Leaf Water obtained from single drop extraction method is higher in amino acid, for long-lasting moisturizing effect.

-Key Point 4
Highly Moisturizing Skin Toner with Gentle Prescription
With a mild prescription containing only essential ingredients needed for moisturizing skin, the skin toner can effectively restore
the health of sensitive skin.