Induction Pressure Multi Cooker 1.8L Metro Department Store
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Induction Pressure Multi Cooker 18L


Induction Pressure Multi Cooker 1.8L


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- 14 COOKING MODES: Rice, quick cook, GABA rice, sushi rice, mixed rice, porridge, roast, soup, cake, multi-cook, steam, fry, stew, oven
- 16 safety features
- Auto steam cleaning
- DSP Smart: Heat & Pressure auto-adjusted every minute for optimal taste
- Energy Saving
- Exterior of inner pot is made out of Titan, making it incredibly strong in terms of corrosion durability and is highly resistant to scratches.
- Interior of inner pot is made out of Xwall Shine, making it non-stick, easy to wash and highly resistant to high heat and high pressure steam.
- Soft steam cap making the cooker safe and silent
- Automatic steam emission
- Auto steam cleaning makes cooker clean and sanitary with hot steam
- Mega thermal power by induction heating technology
- Easy maintenance due to water draining system
- Hydraulic slow opening mode
- Easy cleaning due to detachable inner lid.
- Full stainless inner pot cover makes it 100% stainless
- Double Layered Rubber-packing: the way to controlling high pressure
- Pressure cooking technology saves energy while making food tastier and more nutritious.
- Induction Heating makes cooking faster, maximizes heat conductivity, encourages quick response, and ensures even cooking.
- Software and Hardware safety devices
Capacity: 1.8L

Voltage: 230V

Rated Cooking Power: 1455W

Rated Warming Power: 650W

Pressure: 1.9kgfcm2

Size: 30W X 40D X 29H cm

Net Weight: 7.5kg

Colour: Red