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Este Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Facial Massager


Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Facial Massager


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This diamond-faceted massage roller transforms the everyday ritual of skincare application into an extraordinary moment of indulgence and self-care.

Inspired by the latest trends in luxury facial treatments. Crafted from a cooling golden alloy. Designed for Re-Nutriv.

Allow the precisely angled massager to caress every contour of your face. Every aspect of its sculptural design and ergonomic shape has been carefully considered, creating an Ultimate experience that massages facial muscles and visibly re-energizes skin.

Micro-circulation is instantly stimulated, reawakening skin’s youthful, healthy-looking flush.

Your Re-Nutriv serum or creme is infused into skin with every cool touch.

Your skin - now with the transformative power of Re-Nutriv skincare—glows with enviable radiance and infinite beauty.
After cleansing, apply up to two pumps of Re-Nutriv Serum or an almond-sized amount of Re-Nutriv Creme to your face, gliding over skin without allowing it to absorb too much.

Working on one side of the face at a time, roll the Ultimate Facial Massager over skin. Start at the jawbone, then zigzag up from jaw, to cheek, to cheekbone. Roll over each area three times, then move to the next in a continuous motion, without lifting the massager from your skin.

From center of forehead, roll up and out towards the temple in an arching motion, then glide back.