Happycall IH Plasma 28cm Frying Pan (Made in Korea) Metro Department Store
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Happycall IH Plasma 28cm Frying Pan Made in Korea


Happycall IH Plasma 28cm Frying Pan (Made in Korea)


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Ultimate IH Plasma Series

- Titanium + Aluminium + Stainless Steel Integrated Base:
Optimal heat conductivity on all Stoves
- Excellent Durability & Corrosion Resistant:
6X stronger than aluminium, 2X stronger than Iron. High in density yet 43+% lighter than iron or steel

Premium Class Titanium Coating

Titanium is mainly used in high-tech industries in extreme environment, and space shuttles. Yet it is also friendly enough to human bodies to be used for medical appliances such as artificial joints, dental implants, and artificial pacemakers. Excellent durability and corrosion resistance keep the coating strong when cooking hot, salty and spicy foods.

Special Silica Exterior Coating

Special, heat-resistant silica exterior coating is processed by the advanced technology from Ferro Corporation in Netherlands. In particular, silica is an inorganic substance that is harmless to the human body and easy wash off. It is an eco-friendly material that is strong against scratch and abrasion.

Compatible with All Heat Sources Including IH

This product can be utilized in any kitchen over gas stoves, highlight electric ranges, hot plates, and Induction Heating that provides over 90% heat efficiency as well. Happycall applied its unique scientific pattern to integrate metals with different heat conductivities and melting points and is finished with a special forging method.