Ithaca-Neo 1200W Desk (Standard Type, Multitap) CCBGM Metro Department Store
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Ithaca-Neo 1200W Desk (Standard Type, Multitap) CCBGM

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- A desk in the basic form composed of a top plate, side plate and a frontal modesty panel
- D600 Wiring Cap: A desk suitable for compact layout with wiring holes on both ends of the desk top plate for neat organization of cables
- D740 Junction Box: Splitting the top plate and the side plate of the desk realizes the most optimal efficiency and the application of 2-tone colors differentiates the design
- An open/close type junction box is located at the center of the desk top plate for neater organization of cables
- There are two options for the junction box, which are the tray type which only have trays in the junction box and the multi-tap type with multi-taps built into them
- For the tray type, it is possible to place previously used multi-taps on the trays for use
- For the multi-tap type, multi-taps are embedded for easy connection of cables (power sockets: 3 at the front, 1 at the side/USB: 2 hub terminals, 2 charging terminals)
- Possible to insert a ㄷ-shaped desk pad into the top plate to prevent contamination as well as to create a design point

Product Dimension +/-: 1200 X 740 X 721mm (WXDXH)

Colour: CCBGM - Castagno Carducci Beige

Ships in 6–8 weeks
Delivery and assembly fees excluded

We will contact you to arrange for delivery and provide details on delivery and assembly fees.
Care Tips:
- Remove the usual dust with a dry cloth, wipe the dirt in the living area with a damp cloth and wipe it with a dry towel immediately.
- In case of severe contamination, wipe it with a cloth moistened with diluted neutral detergent and wipe it with a dry cloth so that it does not get wet.

Top plate, shelf, side plate, back plate: PB + LPM