J.F Lazartigue Purify Extra Shampoo 250ml Metro Department Store
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JF Lazartigue Purify Extra Shampoo 250ml


J.F Lazartigue Purify Extra Shampoo 250ml


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Its vegan formula, made up of 92% natural ingredients, enriched with fruit acids, cleanses and deeply cleanses hair that gets greasy quickly. Purify Extra shampoo acts as a peeling and instantly purifies the scalp. It reduces sebum production, your hair regains volume and lightness.

If the sebum is essential to the balance of the scalp, it can, in case of overproduction, asphyxiate it and leave the shiny roots with a particularly unsightly shiny appearance. This overactivity of the sebaceous glands may be due to hereditary or hormonal factors. It can also be the consequence of a fatty and sugary diet, too frequent washing or certain atmospheric conditions such as pollution or air conditioning.

Whatever the case, we recommend that you follow a targeted protocol to gently purify the scalp while durably regulating sebaceous production. If your hair becomes greasy the day you shampoo, opt for a treatment suitable for oily scalp. If they get greasy the next day, choose an oily scalp routine instead.