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Kai Q Sharpener


Kai "Q" Sharpener


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This small Kai Q sharpener is truly an ingenious kitchen accessory! It is both efficient and ergonomic, thus it is super easy to use. It is a must-have in your kitchen if you want to always maintain sharp your kitchen knives. It is the recommendable knife sharpener to use with the knives of the Kai Wasabi Black series.

Small but powerful, the Kai Q sharpener is made of white and black polymer. Its base has a suction cup system powered by a small black lever on the top of the device. Once activated, this feature gives the sharpener complete stability by fixing it against the surface where it lies. This allows you to sharpen your knives easier, safer, and faster.

Moreover, this sharpener has 2 slots (or millstones) to guarantee complete and effective sharpening results. One of the slots has a thick grained diamond wheel for coarse sharpening, and the other slot has a fine grained diamond wheel to finish polishing the edge of your knife’s blade.

To properly sharpen a blade, first pass the blade 4 to 5 times through the coarse diamond wheel. This will slightly straighten the blade’s edge which gets naturally damaged through use. Then, perform the same action on the finishing wheel making your blade as sharp as a razor.

Finally, the dimensions of the KAI Q sharpener are perfect for small kitchens. It can be easily stored in any cupboard. Its playful and unique shape means you can even keep it on your countertop as a decorative element! Last but not least, it effortlessly slips into a chef’s bag for easy transportation.