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Sleepace RestOn Sleep Tracker

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Professional and Accurate Non-wearable Sleep Monitor.
RestOn Non- wearable 2mm sleep sensor that tucks perfectly under your linen or topper - so thin you wont feel the difference.

1) Accuracy
- RestOn's accuracy is on par with medical devices. RestOn can monitor your sleep cycle, body movement, heart rate and respiratory rate in real

2) Your Own Personal Sleep and Health Consultant
- Scientific evaluation and smart analysis of individual sleep report and status of each person. The APP provides sleep consultation, tips and suggestions for exercise, diets, sleep habits, etc. to help users create their perfect personal sleep plan and improve their sleep quality.

- RestOn keep a comprehensive score of your sleep. Sleep time and duration, number of times waking up and/or turning over and leaving the bed as well as breathing and heart rate are analyzed to determine the actual sleep quality.
- Personalised sleep analysis and guidance to help you achieve your best sleep – night after night.