Flaxaprene Chef Mitt Large Kitchen Grips Metro Department Store
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Flaxaprene Chef Mitt Large Kitchen Grips


Flaxaprene Chef Mitt Large Kitchen Grips


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Duncan Kitchen Grips Inc. offers an innovative line of kitchen gloves and hand safety products made of a unique material called FLXaPrene™. This material is not only heat and stain-resistant but is also very flexible and comfortable to use. This patented product is available in different styles and colors not only for the home but also for commercial use.

Protect your hands from hot & cold temperatures. 500°F/260°C to -134°F/-92°C. Raised nub surface texture creates more insulation between the hand and the heat source.
Anti-bacteria Oven Mitt with Unique FLXaPrene™ Material

FLXaPrene™ material prevents stains that cause bacteria buildup on the glove. Made of non-porus material, its properties stop bacteria growth.

FLXaPrene™ material is soft and pliable, making it very comfortable to use.
Water-Repellent Oven Mitt
Protects hands from steam and liquid burns, even when wet.

Non-Slip Oven Mitt
Raised nub surface pattern engineered to provide a better, safer, non-slip grip.
Stain-resistant Oven Mitt
Stains wash off unique FLXaPrene™ material with ease.

Extendable Cuff
Protects your hands from heat emitting from the oven, or even perfect for barbecues.