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Kordel's B Complex + C 60's


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Proper nutrition can help you cope better with the stressful demands of an urban and demanding lifestyle.

Kordel’s B Complex + C Stress Formula, formulated with calming herb and minerals, helps you cope with nutrition demands of a fast-paced lifestyle and keeps your body healthy and energy up, especially when stressful condition makes you down.

The B vitamins help metabolised foods into energy as well as aid in mental alertness and stamina. Vitamin C helps to support a healthy immune system. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium are involved in nerve and muscle activity. Passionflower has soothing properties that helps in calming.
Vitamin B1 - 50mg
Vitamin B2 - 50mg
Vitamin B3 - 100mg
Vitamin B5 - 100mg
Vitamin B6 - 50mg
Vitamin B12 - 50mcg
Vitamin C - 500mcg
Folic Acid - 300mcg
Biotin - 25mcg
Magnesium - 7mg
Calcium - 29mg
Passionflower - 100mg