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Biovaflex Egg Membrane 60s


Biovaflex® Egg Membrane 60's


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Kordel's BiovaFlex Egg Membrane supports joint function towards greater comfort, flexibility and mobility. Its breakthrough formula includes only natural ingredients extracted through patented process.

BiovaFlex® Hydrolyzed Egg Membrane
- comes from chicken eggs, safe for those with seashell or seafood allergies
- a patented, eco-friendly OvaPure™ process assures nutrient purity and high protein content
- six bioactive ingredients support joint health and range of motion:

Elastin + Desmosine and Isodesmosine - supports joint, skin, vascular elasticity
Collagen + Glycoaminoglycans - support joint and connective tissue health
Transforming Growth Factor Beta - support tissue growth, and promotes immune function
Antioxidants - protects cell and tissue from free radical oxidization

Plus Boswellin® Gum Resin Extract
- contains boswellic acid, a potent antioxidant that supports strengthening of joints and provides comfort and ease of movement
BiovaFlex® hydrolysed egg membrane - 450mg
Boswellin® (Boswellia Serrata) gum resin extract - 100mg