Ester-C® 1000mg 60's Metro Department Store
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Ester-C 1000mg 60s


Ester-C® 1000mg 60's


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Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. Water soluble vitamins are expelled by the body much faster compared to fat-soluble ones, which is why a daily dose of vitamin C is recommended.

Kordel's Ester-C® 1000 is a high-strength, improved version of vitamin C. Ester-C® is a unique form of non-acidic vitamin C with a standardised content of vitamin C metabolites, primarily threonate. Threonate allows vitamin C to be more effectively retained by the cells for a longer period, thus enabling you to enjoy the health benefits of vitamin C for a longer period.

Kordel's Ester-C® 1000 also contains antioxidants and citrus bioflavonoids which help enhance the absorption and utilisation of Ester-C® in the body.
Ester-C® - 1000mg (Calcium, Ascorbate-Threonate Complex)
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