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Mega Acidophilus 50sx2


Mega Acidophilus 50'sx2


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Kordel's Mega Acidophilus contains 6 billion active cells of 4 cultured strains if probiotics (beneficial intestinal bacteria), including one of the most superior species, L. rhamnosus. Regular consumption of probiotics promotes optimal intestinal hygiene and enhances nutrient absorption.

It is ideal for those who suffer from poor digestion, bloating and irregular bowel movements. It is also particularly helpful after a course of antibiotics which can destroy intestinal flora.

Kordel's Mega Acidophilus also contains fructooligosaccharides (FOS), natural compounds that help nourish probiotics and give them staying power.
L. rhamnosus - 3 billion
L. casei - 1.8 billion
L. acidophilus - 0.6 billion
B. longum - 0.6 billion