Kyocera 5.5" Advanced Ceramics Santoku Knife – Black (FK-110 WH-BK) Metro Department Store
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Kyocera 55 Advanced Ceramics Santoku Knife  Black FK-110 WH-BK


Kyocera 5.5" Advanced Ceramics Santoku Knife – Black (FK-110 WH-BK)


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- Advanced ceramic blades.
- Ceramic's strength and density allows it to be ground to a microscopically precise, rock-hard edge; Stays razor-sharp 10 times longer than conventional high-carbon steel blades.
- Ceramic blades never rust and are impervious to acids, oils, and salt, so they never absorb flavour's or alter food's taste, smell, or appearance.
- Typically half the weight of their steel counterparts, ceramic knives are exceptionally comfortable to use, even for lengthy, repetitive cutting tasks.
- Made in Japan.
- Utra-sharp 5-1/2-inch ceramic Santoku knife with white blade for a wide variety of cutting tasks, from fine chopping to dicing
- Ceramic blade ground to microscopic precision by diamond wheels for rock-like edge with excellent sharpness retention.
- Lightweight, extremely balanced in the hand; ergonomic handle reduces fatigue during repetitive cutting
- Hand wash only