Kyocera Large Cutting Board With Stand (Rd) Kyocera Santoku Knife & Peeler Set - Orange Metro Department Store
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Kyocera Large Cutting Board With Stand (Rd) Kyocera Santoku Knife & Peeler Set - Orange


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A great way to introduce advanced ceramic, this 2 piece set features a Revolution 5.5” Santoku Knife and the Everything Peeler.

The Santoku Knife is the ultimate cutting tool for every day slicing of fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. The Everything Peeler can peel it all…carrots, cheese, chocolate, even tomato. The ultra sharp ceramic blade will glide through food only peeling the needed amount and nothing more. Conveniently packaged together, it’s the perfect pair for any home cook!

- Unparalleled Purity: Non-reactive To All Kinds Of Food, Does Not Brown Fruits, Will Not Rust, Anti-bacterial
- Unrelenting Sharpness: Holds Cutting Edge 10 Times Longer Than Other Professional Cutlery
- Dishwasher Safe
- Peeler blade cannot be repaired, replaced, or sharpened
- To remove stubborn discolorations, wash the blade (avoiding the handle) in a mild solution of baking soda and water.
- Do not leave knife in sink. Always store knife in a block or tray to prevent accidents.
- All Ceramic Blades Made in Japan

2) Kyocera Large Anti-Bacterial Foldable Cutting Board with Stand – Red (CC-100RD)

- Anti-Bacterial: Prevent Bacterial Growth on Cutting Board, Certified by SIAA (International Organization for Standardization)
- Flexible / Foldable: Can Move Cut Foods Quickly Into Cooking Pots or Woks
- Light, Thin But Durable: Can Be Used Independently, or Place on Top of Existing Thick Cutting Boards
- Diamond-cut Embossing Surface: Prevent Food from Slipping during Cutting
- Scale Printed On Cutting Board: Assist Cutting in Equivalents Parts
- Comes with Cutting Board Stand: Convenient for Storage & Prevents Contamination
- High Heat Resistant at 100°C: Can Be Cleaned or Disinfected with Just Pouring of Hot Boiling Water
- Made in Japan