La Gourmet Nitrigan Cast Iron 20cm Frypan 367488 Metro Department Store
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La Gourmet Nitrigan Cast Iron 20cm Frypan 367488


La Gourmet Nitrigan Cast Iron 20cm Frypan 367488


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Cast Iron especially light cast iron is making a comeback in cookware as it is viewed as one of the safest and healthiest cookware. Rust has always been the main complaint but with La gourmet’s innovation and modern technology this has been overcome

It is a special process which changes the surface of the cast iron to create a hardened surface. The structure and DNA of the material is altered resulting in material that is HIGHLY RESISTANT TO RUST and INCREDIBLY STRONG AND DURABLE

No chemicals are added which makes the special nitrigan treatment on cast iron a healthy alternative to PTFE coating cookware.

Release Capabilities

With consistent use and proper use and care, the La gourmet Nitrigan Deep Frypan will develop more release capabilities as a natural patina is created with constant use and proper conditioning. This makes it a healthy and safe cookware which complies to the Green Ecology of today.

Note: With continuous seasoning with oil dan use , the oil has broken down into a substance that has bonded to the surface of the metal. This is what gives it stick resistant properties.

This is what gives the well seasoned cast iron the natural patina and more release capabilities .

Please ensure to always dry thoroughly the nitrigan wok as water and not following the Use & Care Instruction and Seasoning. Instruction may cause rust spots to occur ( See leaflet inside )