La Gourmet Sakura 0.58L 4pcs Food Jar Set With Pouch 302618 Metro Department Store
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La Gourmet Sakura 0.58L 4pcs Food Jar Set With Pouch 302618


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This set consist of the following :
- 0.58L Thermal Food Jar (Brass Brown Colour)
- One pair of chopsticks in chopsticks box
- Thermal Carrier Bag / Pouch
- Three (3) Food Grade Plastic Containers

Product Features :
- Unbreakable double-walled stainless steel vacuum structure interior and exterior
- Carries about 2.3 Bowls of Food and maintains food at a minimum of at least 47°C for 6 hours or more
- Ultra-durable travel food jar for hot and cold beverages
- Stays cool to the touch with hot liquids / food or cold liquids / food
Product Specifications; 0.58L Stainless Steel Thermal Food Jar
- Height: 19cm
- Length: 11.5cm
- Depth: 16cm
- Weight: 0.5kg
- Capacity: 0.58L

Name: 4pc Thermal Food Jar
- Heat Retention: 47 Degrees Celsius for 6 hours
- Lunch Box Material: Inner / Outer Stainless Steel
- Heat Insulation Cover: Silicone
- Inner Vessel Material: PP
- Capacity: Main Dish Vessel 0.5L, Food Containers 0.22L
- Food Safe: Japan Food Drug Administration (FDA) Approval