La Gourmet Shogun Granite Plus 24cm Stockpot with Steamer LGSNGP352712 Metro Department Store
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La Gourmet Shogun Granite Plus 24cm Stockpot with Steamer LGSNGP352712


La Gourmet Shogun Granite Plus 24cm Stockpot with Steamer LGSNGP352712


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Product Description
Constructed with Ilag Granitec non-stick coating
Ilag Granitec non-stick coating prevents scratches while retaining non-stick properties ,food is not sticking while preparing or serving and keeps all essential ingredients.

A complete cookware set
A cookware set provides all you needed to create restaurant-quality dishes from your very own kitchen. From steaming stews to creamy sauces, the wok, casserole and pans will make cooking tasty food a breeze.
Easy to clean
With a non-stick coating, it prevents food from sticking onto surface, so you can simply wipe away any residue . Cleaning become almost effortless – simply wash the cookware with soap and water or put it in dishwasher.

ILAG Granitec by ILAG AG Switzerland meets the highest safety standards and quality assurance and compiles with all major international Regulation, FDA and European standards for food contact use. ILAG AG has been producing non-stick since 1971.

Before Use: Clean Cookware-please clean the cookware thoroughly with dish d rop and a non-scratch sponge. Coat the cookware-coat the cookware with some cooking oil & season over low-heat for a few minutes. Switch off flame. Let it cool & wipe with kitchen towel. The cookware is ready to use.

During Cooking: Low to Medium Flame- Die cast body has great heat conductivity, So please use low to medium heat. Start with medium flame and turn to low flame once cookware is hot. Overheating empty cookware-Do not overheat an empty cookware over high flames as it can cause damage to the non-stick coating over a period of time. Just heat and cook immediately.

Cleaning: After use, clean interior cookware with dish d rop and a non-scratch sponge. For stubborn stains or burnt food, please put same water and dish d rop inside the cookware and boil on small flame to loosed stubborn stains. Remove, wash clean and dry. Always clean the exterior of the cookware with dish d rop and non-scratch sponge. If stains is on the exterior of cookware wash immediately. Do not burn the stain over the flame as this will cause the stain to be infuse into the exterior cookware and will be difficult to remove. However, it will not influence the performance of your cookware.

Avoid using shard-edge cooking tools as they can scratch the non-stick coating.