La Gourmet Shogun Nikko Granite Set 18cm Saucepan, 24cm Casserole & 30cm Wok 381026+381033+381040 Metro Department Store
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La Gourmet Shogun Nikko Granite Set 18cm Saucepan, 24cm Casserole & 30cm Wok 381026+381033+381040


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Shogun Cast Cookware Is Individually Cast in a Mould Unlike Press Aluminium Cookware Which Is Pressed From a Flat Pre-cut Circle. This Makes Shogun Die Cast Cookware Stronger and More Durable Than Other Pressed Cookware

Shogun Nikko Interior Is Coated With the Premium Non-stick Tritanium Ultra Which Is a 8-layers Shogun System. The Top 5 Layers Are Tritanium Ultra Non-stick Reinforced With Ceramic on the Mid Coat and Base Coat and Further Reinforced With Granite Particles to Give It the Durability and Superior Non-stick Capability.

1st Layer : Resistant Top Coat Applied Wet-in-wet Tritanium Ultra Non-stick Coating From Switzerland
2nd Layer : Wet in Wet Coating Reinforced With Granite Particles.
3rd Layer : Wet in Wet 2 Coating With Special Particles
4th Layer : Highly Ceramic Reinforced Mid Coat
5th Layer : Highly Ceramic Reinforced Base Coat
6th Layer : Cast Aluminium Core That Provides Excellent Heat Conductivity Even Heat Distribution
7th Layer : High Heat Resistant Exterior Coating.
8th Layer : Induction Base.

Why Buy Shogun Cookware
- Tritanium Ultra Non-stick Coating (Interior)
- Foods Slide Easily Off, Making It Easy to Clean and Reducing Oil Consumption
- Tritanium From Switzerland Meets the Highest Safety Standard and Quality Assurance. Tritanium Is Produced by the Biggest Swiss Non-stick Manufacturer.
- Low Fat Healthy Cooking. Less Oil = Health
- Special Designed Die-cast Aluminium Body
- Superior Heat Distribution
- Save Up to 50% of Energy Vs Normal Cookware as More Heat Retained
- Ergonomic Safety Handles
- Stay-cool Bakelite Handles for Safe & Easier Handling
- High-quality Tempered Glass
for Easy Viewing of Your Cooking and Reducing Energy Loss From Opening the Lid
- Thick Gauge Induction Base
- Even Cooking as Thick Base Does Not Warp
- High Heat Resistant Exterior Coating
- Pfoa Free
- Peace of Mind
- 2 Years Warranty on Manufacturing Defects

This does not cover against scratches, blisters of non-stick due to persistent high heat & aggressive cooking. Normal wear & tear on the non-stick is also not covered.
30cm Covered Wok
- Height : 9.5cm
- Length Include Handle: 54cm
- Width : 31.3cm
- Weight : With Lid 2kg / Without Lid 1.1kg
- Diameter : 30cm
- Induction Base Diameter: 19cm.

24cm Casserole
- Height : 11cm
- Length : 36.5cm
- Width : 25.1cm
- Weight : 1.4kg
- Diameter : 24cm
- Capacity : 4L

30cm Covered Wok
- Height : 8.5cm
- Length : 36.5cm
- Width : 20.5cm
- Weight : 1.04kg
- Diameter : 18cm
- Capacity : 1.7L
- Induction Base Diameter: 13cm