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Advanced Gnifique Hydrogel Melting Mask


Advanced Génifique Hydrogel Melting Mask


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All the science of the timeless Génifique has been concentrated in this mask:
- Skin is hydrated, more radiant and plumped
- 14 years of research
- Patented until 2029
- More than 150 international beauty awards
- Proven compatibility for all women, whatever their skin type, age or ethnicity.

A new type of sheet mask:
- An advanced microscopic technology was developed to optimise the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin
- Special, heat-sensitive hydrogel mesh which melts into a fluid at skin temperature and releases its active ingredients on contact with the skin
- Upon application, the mask half-melts into the skin with a soft, pleasant texture that glides across the face
- Skin is neither greasy nor sticky

10min application: prep your skin before makeup
- 80% of women surveyed reported being able to apply their make-up more easily
- 80% reported smoother skin.
- 85% reported fresher-feeling skin.

20min: enhance your glow during the day
- 93% of women surveyed reported more radiant skin
- 93% reported fewer imperfections
- 91% reported re-energised skin.

30min: boost your beauty sleep before bed
- 100% of women surveyed reported more rested-looking skin
- 98% reported skin that glowed with health
- 95% reported younger-looking skin.