Fresh Calming Balancing Serum 80ml Metro Department Store
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Fresh Calming Balancing Serum 80ml


Fresh Calming Balancing Serum 80ml


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For sensitive skin, Gentle soothing effect of lychee NEW Fresh Calming line
Uneven skin texture! Sensitive enough to get messed up! Lychee's refreshing soothing effect for dehydrated oily skin

LANEIGE Fresh Calming Upgrade Points!
1. Gentler formula! - Good formula that can be used for sensitive skin - NO fragrance! NO oil! 5-free formula - Dermatological tests, allergy tests completed
2. Improved oil and moisture balancing & soothing effects - Strengthen the moisture barrier with pristine deep seawater - Strong anti-oxidant & skin-soothing effects of lychee extract

Fresh Calming Balancing Serum
Serum that e effectively soothes skin and hydrates irritated skin

Key Point 1 - NO oil! Genuine moisture-soothing serum
Oil-free serum with moisturizing & soothing effects provides a moisturizing, refreshing finish and soothes skin fast with lychee ingredient

Key Point 2 - Clear water droplet texture
Light, clear texture resembling water droplet takes care of dry skin as it is absorbed fast into skin

Key Point 3 - No fragrance! Gentle, non-irritant toner
5-free, low-irritant gentle serum that passed dermatological tests and hypo allergy tests * 5-free: oil / animal-based ingredients / synthetic colorant / triethanolamine / fragrance