Fresh Calming Quick Morning Mask 80g Metro Department Store
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Fresh Calming Quick Morning Mask 80g


Fresh Calming Quick Morning Mask 80g


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For sensitive skin, Gentle soothing effect of lychee NEW Fresh Calming line
Uneven skin texture! Sensitive enough to get messed up! Lychee's refreshing soothing effect for dehydrated oily skin

LANEIGE Fresh Calming Upgrade Points!
1. Gentler formula! - Good formula that can be used for sensitive skin - NO fragrance! NO oil! 5-free formula - Dermatological tests, allergy tests completed
2. Improved oil and moisture balancing & soothing effects - Strengthen the moisture barrier with pristine deep seawater - Strong anti-oxidant & skin-soothing effects of lychee extract

Fresh Calming Quick Morning Mask
Easy and quick leave-on morning mask that hydrates easily irritated skin, soothes skin, and helps to prep skin well for makeup.

Key Point 1 - Natural lychee skin for soothing effect
The strong soothing effect of lychee extract soothes skin by strengthening skin barrier with panthenol

Key Point 2 - Fast-absorbing air mousse texture
The fine air mousse texture provides an elastic finish by applying in a tapping motion at the last step of morning skincare

Key Point 3 - Gentle, low-irritant care
5-free special mask that passed dermatological tests and hypo-allergy tests * 5-free: mineral oil / animal-based ingredients / synthetic colorant / triethanolamine / fragrance

Improved soothing quick mask
- Enhanced  soothing & cooling effect
Soothes and comforts skin fast with the soothing effect of lychee + panthenol and cooling sensation of air mousse that lowers skin’s temperature

- Easy-quick Mask
Provides an effect of using mask during busy mornings with non-sticky finish and fast absorption into skin

- Improving Makeup Fit with adhering mask
Makes skin accept makeup well by providing a moisturizing, elastic finish at the last step of skincare