Lash-Fessional Mascara in Edge Black Metro Department Store
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Lash-Fessional Mascara in Edge Black


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Curl Up - With a shorter curl wand and a handle shaped in a water drop, the Lash-fessional Mascara’s ergonomic design gives the lashes a delicate lift, as if directly lifting each strand of lashes. The genius behind the design is a hard, red curling brush coiled around the wand to provide extra curling power as you give it an upward push.

Volumize Up - The soft black bristles which forms a part of the dual coiling brush help to increase product coverage on even the thinnest strands and gives volume without clumping. The wrapping volume formula ensures smoother volume with finer application achieving a perfect harmony with the eyebrows. In addition, the plate-shaped fitting powder forms a smooth layer around the lashes, creating thicker lashes that are volumized but not patchy.

Fix Up - Proving to be smudge, water and sebum resistant, the Lash-fessional Mascara promises to keep those fluttering lashes up with long-lasting strong fix. The formula contains powder that forms a film-like structure to block penetration of sweat and sebum. The formulation is non-sticky so you won’t risk smudging, smearing and or flaking!

How To Use?
Step 1 – Curling
With the brush curve facing upwards, apply mascara in a zigzag movement as if lifting eyelashes from the roots.

Step 2 – Volumizing
After drying it for approximately 15 seconds, apply one more layer to the eyelashes. With the brush curve facing downwards, apply the mascara in a zigzag movement to add more volume.

Step 3 – Final Touches
Using the smooth tip of the brush, apply the mascara on the thin strands – the corner of the eyes and lower lashes.