Serum Intense Lipstick


Serum Intense Lipstick

COLOURS - YR24 Twinkle Coral

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Highly moisturizing lipstick with extraordinary color payoff, as if the lips were
covered in serum.

LED lipstick gives the lips a clean, and transparent sheen as if they were under a strobe light. Unveil your inner charm with Laneige's new Serum Intense Lipstick.

1. High shine with excellent moisturizing properties, contains 35% serum

The lips feel moisturized, as if you have applied highly moisturizing serum, and have excellent glow.

2. Vivid yet delicate color payoff

The moisturizing pure base and Pigment Downsizing Technology enhances the lipstick's color, giving the lips a vibrant, mesmerizing color.

3. Soft, comfortable texture that resembles cushion

Big Cage Formula enhances the serum content, giving it a soft, bouncy texture when applied to the lips.