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Stained Glasstick

COLOURS - 6 Red Spinel

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A glowy tint lipstick for a watery and bright color lips as if lights shining through stained glass.

1. Hydro radiant sheer color
Waterstained glow pigment for bright, clear and glowy lips with each application

2. Jewel lips
Achieve jewel-like shine and glowy lips as Stained Glasstick maximizes the light reflection on the lips, making the lips shimmer like glass beads.

3. Highly moisturizing melting texture
Upon contact with the lips, the lipstick softly melts onto the lips, keeping it moisturized and comfortable for long hours

4. 10 gemstone shades
10 gemstone-ilke shades for selection

Beauty Tips
Create different looks by layering No. 1 Blue Topaz and No. 2 Rose Quartz
- No.1 Blue Topaz
Blue pearl glowy Stained Glasstick for a clean and glowy finish. Apply over other Stained Glasstick for a blue tinge and additional glowy finish.

- No.2 Rose Quartz
Opal pearl glowy Stained Glasstick for a natural lip color. Apply over other Stained Glasstick to tone up the lip color and for additional glowy finish