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Lapothicell Amino Hyaluronic Moisturizing Balm


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- Amino Acids Complex (100,000ppm)+ 5 Hyaluronic Acids Complex (100ppm)
- Silky & Non-Sticky Texture smooth and soft texture to provide moisture and nourishment to skin for a long time
- Containing 20,000ppm Epseama, a natural ingredient for preventing skin aging Epseama (rich calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, B, C, D, E & other various minerals) helps improving skin elasticity and condition. Also, it provides nutrition for the skin.
- All-Day-Long Hydration for Skin providing moisture from the inside of skin to prevent loss of moisture and improve skin elasticity

- Strong Moisture Barrier (Hydration)- Protecting from moisture loss & enhancing skin hydrating barrier
- Anti-Aging
- Skin Calming
- Skin Recovery & Calming Benefit- Panthenol ( Vitamin B5) 10%
- Skin Elasticity Increasing Effect (+ Dermal Intimacy Increasing Effect)

Recommended for:
- Dry Skin
- Sensitive Skin
- Low Moisture Oily Skin
- Normal Skin

1.After wash-off, clean up skin surface softly with tonner
2.Apply adequate amount of product onto skin softly

Key Ingredients
- Amino Acids Complex – 17 Different Amino Acids Complex
- As NMF(Natural Moisturizing Factor), it helps keeping skin hydrated and glossy.
- 40% of natural ingredients are consisted with serine, glycine, alanine, threonine and other amino acids.
- Amino acids helps producing collagen (skin recovery & Anti-Aging benefits).

5 Hyaluronic Acids Complex
- It can absorb 1,000 times more water than its weight
- It moisturizes skin due to its hydrophilic property * It helps keeping elasticity of skin * It protect skin’s inside moisture with low molecular size
- Sodium Hyaluronate It creates a moisturizing film by pulling moisture from the surrounding area to prevent water evaporation.
- Sodium Hyaluronate Crossplymer Maintain moisture and prevent wrinkles by forming a moisturizing layer
- Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate Closing moisture to the skin
- Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid It improves moisturizing and moisturizes the skin.
- Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate It is attached to the skin as a principle of ionic union to form a moisturizing layer and help moisturize the skin.