Lapothicell Deep Cleansing Oil 300ml Metro Department Store
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Lapothicell Deep Cleansing Oil 300ml


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Cleansing Oil with Rich Vegetable Oils, Soft and Deep Cleaning for Skin

- Soft Cleansing Containing 47% Vegetable Oil
- Providing soft and deep cleansing with rich vegetable oils
- Perfect Cleansing for Make-Up & Dirt on Face
- Deeply cleaning away of most of dirt and wastes on skin surface
- Providing Nutrition into Skin Thanks to Rich Vegetable Oil
- Easy Wash-Off Type Cleansing Oil in Water

Easy Water-Washable Cleansing Water + High Emulsifying Capacity
- Upon using the product, please apply onto face evenly first and add small amount of water. After that, please rub on skin softly around 30 seconds.
- After this short procedure, the product becomes milk-like color due to emulsifying capacity.

- Soft Cleaning with Vegetable Oil
- Providing Hydration & Nutrition
- Deep Cleansing after Make-Up
- Hypoallergenic Tested

Skin Type Recommendation:
- Sensitive
- Dryness skin
- Normal skin
- Oily/Combination skin

Beneficial Ingredient
- Soybean Oil (Hydration)M- acadamia Seed Oil (Hydration)
-Bertholletica Elcelsa Seed Oil (Hydration)
-Avocado Oil (Hydration)

※ How To Use
Pumping adequate amount of products Applying on dry face overall and massage softly Wash with tepid water cleanly