Sensitive Cleansing Water 200ml


Sensitive Cleansing Water 200ml


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Sensitive Cleansing Water 200ml
Made in Seoul

Derived from human tear, component Tears-C™ remove makeup without irritation!

The sensitive cleansing water contains unique component, Tears-C™ providing deep cleansing to remove makeup and impurities without irritation while it helps maintain healthy skin. It will not be harsh or dry your skin but keep it hydrated. Lapothicell sensitive cleansing water’ is also suitable for hypersensitive skins.

■ Recommended for those:
- who have hypersensitive skin
- who want to remove all makeup and impurities
- who want simple and easy way to cleanse their face

■ Application:
Saturate a cotton pad with Sensitive Cleansing Water and lightly sweep over entire face to remove all impurities and makeup.