Tone Up White Oxygen Sleeping Mask 40g


Tone Up White Oxygen Sleeping Mask 40g


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White Oxygen Tone Up Sleeping Mask (40g)

Natural healthy glow overnight!Instant oxygen bubble mask brightens and hydrates skin while you sleep

Instant oxygen bubble foaming, a skin tone balancing and brightening formula, also rich in nourishing hydrators that delivers soft and smooth skin during sleep. You will wake up feeling your skin rejuvenated and having natural healthy glow.

■ Formula
‘Multi-sheet Gel Matrix’ technology is applied to produce instant oxygen bubbles to penetrate deep inside for maximum result.

■ Recommended for those:
- who want naturally brighten skin
- who want rejuvenate skin
- who want nourishing skin without heavy residue
- who want to replenish skin

■ Application:
Recommended to use at night time (No rinse off) after night skin care routine, apply on the face. Few seconds later (The oxygen bubble will form), then gently rub onto your skin and sleep.