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LeapFrog Press & Pop Piano

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Giving children stimulating, quality toys at a young age provides them with the tools they need to grow, thrive and learn. Through play, children explore their world and experience wonder and fulfillment, opening a world of possibilities. Knowing this, we created a line of preschool toys named Mirari, from the Latin word "wonder". Our toys embody classic play in an innovative way, without any unnecessary or overwhelming features, to entertain and engage children. Play should be pure in its experience, without added features that merely distract and detract from the magic of play. The Mirari brand of toys embraces this, bringing joy to children and families, because we believe that a world of wonder begins with playful discoveries. Mirari Pop! Pop! Piano. When children press a key on the piano, they not only hear a sound, they see a star pop up! The clear dome guides the shooting stars onto a different pipe so when another note is played, they'll pop some more. Flip the switch to go from piano tones to hearing fun sound effects when the keys are pressed. Adults can remove the dome to allow the 1.25" stars to land and bounce on the floor, encouraging children to crawl after them. Pop! Pop! Piano measure 9" x 11" x 5.75" with clear arch attached. A Fun Developmental Tool. Cognitive Learning (understanding the cause & effect relationship). Sensory Development (exploring with hands and eyes, experiencing bright colors and sounds). Emotional Development (exploring self-expression through musical play). Mirari Embodies Classic Play with Innovation. Musical play has been a favorite of children (and parents) for years. The satisfaction of the cause and effect of banging, shaking or tapping a toy and hearing the musical response is a delight for young children. Pop! Pop! Piano offers real musical play, but Mirari added a fun and unique feature that will surprise and delight children. When a key is pressed, the star in the coordinating tube will pop up and soar inside the arch. It's a colorful visual to go with the music. Parents can remove the clear dome to allow the shooting stars to bounce and land for children's added active fun of chasing them. Mirari's innovative piano features an automatic return features six functioning keys and stars that pop up when the keys are tapped to keep children engaged, but we made sure there are no unnecessary features to overwhelm children and take away from the wonder of play. Not Just Music, But Silly Sounds, Too. Simply switch the mode and when children press the keys they'll hear silly sounds instead of piano tunes. Sounds such as giggles, horns and boings and swoops make for a fun playing experience. Switch back and forth to refresh the fun.
- 4 learning octaves. Explore 8 colors, 8 numbers, 8 instruments and 8 fun preschool songs as you switch from mode to mode.
- Count and play. Hear the name of each number you press as you count along from 1 to 8.
- Learn about colors. With each press of the brightly colored keys, matching balls and color names take flight.
- Maestro, please. Compose original songs with sounds and instruments, or play and dance to learning songs.
Teaches Skills:
- Colors
- Numbers
- Music & Rhythm
- Creative Expression
Warranty : Local 3 Months
Dimension(Inches) :
5.5 x 12 x 7