People Pack Fun At The Beach 60153 Metro Department Store
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People Pack Fun At The Beach 60153


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Meet a bunch of new people spending a beautiful day at the beach! Play some volleyball with the team, while the grandmother takes her granddaughter for an ice cream at the stand. Go windsurfing before you build a sandcastle with the little girl, then help the groundskeeper clean up any garbage left behind. This is a great pack to help populate your city!

- Includes 15 male and female adult and child minifigures, plus dog, dolphin, lobster and fish figures.
- Features a range of buildable models for a colorful beach setting.
- Hop on the surfboard, put up the sail and take a fast ride on the waves.
- Paddle the kayak out into the water and have a nice float along the coast.
- The kayak floats!
- Get some ice cream at the ice cream stand, and then relax in the hammock with your mp3 player.
- Build a sand castle on the beach.
- Accessory elements include a kayak with paddle, beach lifeguard tower, megaphone, binoculars, volleyball net and ball, hammock, 2 trees, mp3 player, ice cream stand with ice cream and extra cone, money note, parasol, camera, sand castle, shovel, bucket, bin, broom, banana, gold-colored coin element, metal detector and a radio.