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Birds Nest Cream 50g


Bird's Nest Cream 50g


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Containing extracts of bird's nest and 24k real gold, this conditioning cream is rich in organic nutrients, including a myriad of glyco-proteins, amino acids and essential minerals. It helps to rejuvenate the epidermal cells to improve the elasticity and complexion of your skin.

1) Beauty secret of Yang Kuei-fei, the extracts of storm petrel’s nest
Swiftlets' nest (storm petrel’s nest) is known to be rich in protein, amino acids, sugar, and mineral that helps make your skin lustrous. It is also effective in nourishing soothing dehydrated skin.

2) Beauty secret of Cleopatra, the glittering 24k real gold therapy
Gold-infused skin care is known to be a secret of the eternal beauty of Cleopatra. Extract of 24k real gold is used as an anti-aging ingredient, it helps reduce inflammation and brighten your skin.

3) Serum in oil cream filled with moisture
Filled with capsule essence that break upon application to release nutrients which help to firm and hydrate skin

1.76 oz