Hydroplus Water Purifier NP313 White Metro Department Store
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Hydroplus Water Purifier NP313 White


Hydroplus Water Purifier NP313 White

Installation fee not included

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Novita Countertop Water Purifier NP313 offers you for quality drinking water at any time of the day! A modern and compact design, its slim silhouette accentuates the space on your kitchen countertop. Tankless and plug-free, NP313 is only 115 millimetre wide. Effortlessly easy to maintain, the EzTwist® filter set drives a 3-stage ultra-filtration system. Choose between the Hydroplus® filter or HydroPure™ filter for quality alkaline antioxidant water or purified energy water respectively.

With a removable dispensing spout to upkeep good hygiene, its magnetic removal drip tray also easily attaches or detaches from the unit, allowing you to dispense water into water storage units of varying heights.

Total Capacity: Tankless
Power Consumption: No electricity required

- HydroPlus Alkaline Antioxidant Water
- 3 Steps Ultra Filtration System
- HydroPlus, Activated Carbon N Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane Filter
- Filtration Capacity:Recommend replacement 12 Months/3,600 Litres (Average 10 litres/day usage)
- Removable dispensing spout and magnetic removal drip tray

Operating Modes/Features:
- DIY EzTwist Filter Replacement Concept
- Removable dispensing spout and magnetic removal drip tray
- Auto pressure reducer valve
- 115mm compact and slim design