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Nu3pure Premium Cod Collagen


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Nu3Pure Premium Cod Collagen makes up a third of our body’s total protein content and is an important component of joints, muscle, skin and cartilage. Our body’s natural collagen production starts to decline from our mid-20’s where our joints become more prone to wear and tear, quality of the body’s skin collagen degenerates leading to symptoms of aging. Nu3Pure Premium Cod Collagen is harvested from premium MSC-certified sources of wild-caught Cod Skin (NOT FISH SCALES) from the pristine, cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and then hydrolyzed into collagen nano peptides for rapid absorption. We DO NOT USE ANY FARMED FISH** in our products to avoid potential and unnecessary antibiotic or chemical tainting. We also do not over-process our products like many other products found in today’s market. Why? As is commonly known, the more processed the food, the poorer the nutritional efficacy and value of the product. The benefits of taking Nu3Pure hydrolyzed premium cod collagen peptides include:
– High Bio-Availability
– Increased skin elasticity
– Reduced skin wrinkle
– Increased skin moisture level
– Increased hair health
– Improved tendon flexibility, ligament stability,
– Muscle and bone integrity and bone metabolism
– Stimulate production of human collagen