Buff C1000 with CB Caplet 60s Metro Department Store
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Buff C1000 with CB Caplet 60s


Buff C1000 with CB Caplet 60s

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A sustained release formula for consistent release of Vitamin C throughout the day. Buffering reduces acidity and improves absorption, making it suitable even for sensitive stomachs.
- Supports the immune system
- Maintains healthy skin, bones, gums and capillaries
- Citrus bioflavonoids with active antioxidant properties help reduce free radical damage to the body
维生素C1000加生物类黄酮 是一种缓释配方,可在一天内持续提供身体所需的维生素C。经过特殊的缓冲处理,降低酸性以提高吸收力,适用于胃部敏感者。- 辅助免疫系统-维持健康的皮肤,骨骼,牙龈和毛细血管壁的 弹性- 生物类黄酮具备活跃的抗氧化性能有助于减少 自由基对身体的损害

62mm x 62mm x 90mm