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Calcium Plus-Rx Caplet 60s


Calcium Plus-Rx Caplet 60s


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A complete formula for stronger bones and teeth. It helps with those experiencing bone mineral loss as it supplies sufficient calcium, magnesium and other essential minerals to slow or reduce bone mineral loss in the body.
- Vitamin D3 supports better absorption of calcium
- Contains minerals to protect bones from free radical damage
- Prevents bone mineral loss
钙+RX 维持健康骨骼和牙齿的完整配方。它可通过补充足够的钙,镁及其他人体所需的矿物质,以减缓或减少体内骨质流失。- 维生素D3有利于钙质的吸收-富含锰,锌,铜和钼等矿物质以预防骨骼受到自由基的伤害-预防骨质流失

62mm x 62mm x 90mm