Cordyceps 500mg Veg Cap 180s +60s Metro Department Store
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Cordyceps 500mg Veg Cap 180s 60s


Cordyceps 500mg Veg Cap 180s +60s

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Cordyceps is one of the rarest and most treasured herbs, and it has been an important ingredient in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Cordyceps are well known for their potent remedial properties, it can be compared to ginseng, reishi and deer velvet. In general, Cordyceps is a tonic that helps the body build vitality and stamina, improves the organic functioning, supports the immune system and promotes overall health.
- Replenish vital energy and help build stamina
- Natural energy supplement
- Provides antioxidant properties
- Support healthy immune system
冬虫夏草500毫克为稀有且珍贵的草本植物,千百年来,在中草药的领域里,人们都视它为珍贵药材。冬虫夏草实为优良的抗氧化物,其不燥热的温补效果能媲美人参,灵芝及鹿茸。冬虫夏草帮助人们提升体质,增强活力,改善人体器官功能,支援免疫系统。保肺补肾提升体质增强活力 辅助免疫系统

144mm x 82mm x 112mm